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Welcome to Politecnico di Torino.
This ain't me, but Dilbert, although someone won't be able to tell the difference:).
Waiting for a full home page, featuring more information about me (and perhaps a photo), you can learn more about my interests.

Life Forms on the WWW

or "What We Talk About When We Talk About the Web"

or "The Invasion of the Byte-Snatchers"
or "Play It Again, HAL"
I often misuse the CD player of my workstation to listen to the music of my favorite artist. Here you can find a full featuring page about Leonard Cohen, surely one of the finest singers of the last years.
Perhaps my friends do not agree with me, but I know they are wrong and surely one day they will see the light...
If you are in a hurry, you can read my home-made HTML version of the Cohen lyrics.
If you love movies too, perhaps you are interested in browsing the Internet Movie Database.
So many books and so little time to read... Should we start with the Science Fiction Resources or connect directly to the Book Stacks Bookshop? And what about a page on Terry Pratchett? I'm still looking for a page about Raymond Carver...


CLASS, as everybody knows, is THE ConnectionLess Services ATM Simulator, developed by a pair of tricky guys at Politecnico di Torino (among whom, there's me).
What! You are still here? Aren't you rushing to read the CLASS page? Shame! :-)

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